Tutorial: Understanding Phase Logistics and Live Dashboard Phase Controls

Phase Logistics

By default, locked Phases of your Case will unlock as students submit their previous Phase. Meaning, the release and due dates of every Phase will follow those set at the Case level. This is great for allowing students to work through your Case at their own pace, but it also means means that if you do not want your students to access an individual Phase, even once they have submitted their prior Phase, you must do one of two things.

  1. The first is to set individual Phase level logistics, in order to give each Phase its own release date and due date.
  2. The second option is to create and pause a Live timer.

Reminder: Be sure you have set Case level logistics before proceeding!(this is found on your Case Edit screen as shown below)
See also: How-To: Configure Teach Logistics for Case(s)

case edit

Navigating to the Phase logistics setting

Similar to setting Case logistics, Phase logistics are set within a Teach Space, rather than a Design Space. The following process is achieved through the new Live Dashboard found by clicking on the Live option in the left menu of your Teach space.

Once you have setup your Case logistics, enter the Live Dashboard found on the left menu as shown below.
phase logi steps

Live Dashboard

This dashboard is displaying data and settings for an individual phase, not your entire case. The one exception is that the Logistics tab will show you the Case logistics until you override them, because the Phase is currently following those release and due dates by default.

There are three main tabs of the Live Dashboard. Select “Logistics”

Overriding Case logistics

Find the button labeled “Override this phase” and click it to replace the Case logistics for this Phase only.
Note: You can also set individual accommodations for students with disabilities from this screen.

Real world example

Let’s say your Case has two Phases: an individual Phase, followed by a team Phase.

  1. Set the Case logistics as normal, allowing students to enter the first Phase upon the release date.
  2. Next, you can override the team phase as outlined above, to prevent students from entering prematurely–or-- you may create and pause a Live timer, as shown below.

Note: If you are running a synchronous Live session, you may also prevent students interacting with the team phase by creating and then Pausing a Live timer for the team Phase, found in the “Controls” tab of the Live Dashboard. This will allow students to unlock and enter, but not interact with the team Phase in a “read-only” state instead of preventing student entry altogether.