How-To: Add Blocks to your Phase

How-to: Add Blocks to your Phase


  1. Design Space created
  2. At least one Case added to your Space
  3. At least one Phase is added to your Case
  4. (Optional) Additional Collaborators have been invited to your Space


  1. Navigate to and click on your desired Design Space
  2. Navigate to and click on your desired Case
  3. Navigate to your desired Phase and click the “Builder” button
  4. If not already open, click on the “Blocks” button on the left-nav to expand the Block menu
  5. Click on the desired Block to add it to your Phase
    a. By default, your newly added Block will appear at the very bottom of your Phase Builder screen
  6. Complete!

Did You Know?

  • You can reconfigure your Block placement by clicking and holding the “Drag” button on any Block’s header bar
  • You can delete a Block from your Phase Builder by clicking the red “X” button in the upper right corner of any Block’s header bar

Quick note: You can also drag-and-drop your blocks from the menu into your phase! This will help if you do not want to add the block to the bottom of the phase, as well as creating multiple column layouts.