What is it?

  • An Allele Space is generally synonymous to an educational course or professional development program. In Allele, a Space is a logical container that houses all of a particular course’s educational content and interactive learning assessments. Spaces are further broken down into Cases and Phases. Navigating through the content and assessments within a Space would generally span the course of an academic semester.

Did You Know?

  • If we use a book as an illustrative example:
    • a Space would be the book itself
    • a Case would be a chapter in the book
    • a Phase would be a page within a chapter

Why is it important?

  • Spaces in Allele are important because they group together course content in a common area. Within the Space, course authors (Educators, Instructional Designers, TAs, etc.) can create and sequence educational content that will ultimately be used by students.

Generic example(s)

  • Vet Med 101
  • Computer Science 301
  • Information Security Training

Key elements or actions

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