What is it?

  • Phases are the smaller subsections which make up a Case.

  • A Phase is composed of any number of informational or input Blocks, which are added in the builder.

  • By default, Allele provides a collection of Blocks such as Multiple-Choice Question, Short & Long form text, embeddable tables and many more.

Did You Know?

  • If we use a book as an illustrative example:
    • a Space would be the book itself
    • a Case would be a chapter in the book
    • a Phase would be a page within a chapter

Why is it important?

  • Phases in Allele are important because this is where the students will be primarily interacting with the learning content generated by the educator.

Generic example(s)

  • Space: Vet Med 101
    • Case: Overview of Veterinary Medicine Discipline
    • Case: Careers in Veterinary Medicine
      • Phase: Understanding Careers in Vet Med
      • Phase: Understanding Requirements for Professional Accreditation
      • Phase: Understanding International Regulations
      • Phase: Applying for Jobs
    • Case: Basic Animal Anatomy
    • Case: Veterinary Clinical Skills

Key elements or actions