How-To: Embed a Video in a Phase

How-to: Embed a video in a Phase


  1. Design Space created
  2. At least one Case added to your Space
  3. At least one Phase is added to your Case


  1. Navigate to and click on your desired Design Space
  2. Navigate to and click on your desired Case
  3. Navigate to your desired Phase and click the “Builder” button
  4. Add an Embed Block within the Phase builder area by clicking or dragging.
  5. Find and copy the iFrame source code from the video host (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  6. Click your Embed block within the Phase builder to gain access to the right-navigation settings.
  7. Copy the iFrame source code into the “Embed” section of the right-navigation settings.
  8. Complete!

Did You Know?

  • You can adjust the height and width of your embedded content by manually adjusting the “height=” and “width=” variables within the iFrame source code.